Wandering World Cruiser’s Epilogue

First our update then the rest of the cruise.  John and I disembarked the Viking Sun in Darwin, Australia Feb 29th, due to John’s inability to walk. Nothing to do with the virus. The long flight from Brisbane to LAX went surprisingly well for us. I think we were flying on Angel wings in answer […]

Brisbane, Australia and a few others!

In northern Australia, a didgeridoo is a wind instrument made by Aborigines from fallen eucalyptus branches or trunks that had been naturally hollowed out by termites. They cut off the bark, smooth and paint them. It is their haunting sound that has been identified for thousands of years.

Sydney – Part 2 continued :-)

It looks like it has taken 2 months instead of 2 weeks to get back to this. A very brief update is that I am in Yuma, AZ at home and John is in a Healthcare Rehab center in Phoenix, AZ 3 hours north of home. Due to the virus shut down everywhere, I am […]