Boston, Massachusetts

 “Why then should I give my readers bad lines of my own, when good ones of other people’s are so plenty?”  ~  Benjamin Franklin

Yes, Boston is the birthplace of Benjamin Franklin! He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States with an enormous history of magnificent accomplishments. I learned a new word due him, a polymath. A polymath is a person who excels across a diverse range of areas, just as he most certainly did.

We’ve never been very excited about touring Boston even if we have done so 4-5 times.  So we weren’t planning on going into town, but  John decided to take the bus tour and got a couple interesting photos.

The John Hancock Tower, the tallest building in Boston, with its reflective glass caught the Trinity Church which is the only building in Boston that has been honored as one of the 10 most significant buildings in the US by the America Institute of Architects.

He that would travel much, should eat little.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

We are truly trying to eat less as you can see by the following pictures. But since they are so unusual, I have decided to add the menu description. (The smaller the dish, the bigger the description!)  Look at this as enlightenment of International Cuisine!!  (I have to make it sound worth your while!!) lol  Then I’ll try to not send food fotos for awhile. 

Most five-course meals open with the amuse bouche, a dish that can be eaten in one bite and should ideally excite and prepare the palate for the dinner to come. Following the amuse is the soup course. (there was a 5th course, but I ate it without a pic! aren’t u glad)

Amuse Bouche – Thai Royal Leaf Wrap – foie gras; tamarind sauce (picture on the left)

Traditionally a delicate, bite-sized savory snack from northern Thailand, served during the rainy season when the wild betel flourishes. Savor complex flavors of aromatic herbs, dried shrimp, roasted coconut flakes and tamarind, elegantly wrapped in a wild betel leaf. (looked like a cabbage leaf to me!)

Soup – Tom Yum Lobster Bisque – lobster croquette; Sriracha aioli (picture on right)

From tom (to boil) comes this signature sour-spicy soup. Traditionally showcasing herbs, delicious hot and sour tastes, and a distinctively Thai cooking technique, tom yum originated in the central region, home of royal cuisine and golden rice paddies, and is possibly the most famous of all Thai dishes. ~ Yes, that “shot glass” is the soup and so tasty with just the right amount of spice that I look forward to seeing if I can find some when in Thailand.

Main Course – Massaman Curry Braised Short Ribs; coconut gnocchi, edamame & orange salsa

Star of southern Thailand, this creamy , mildly spicy curry is heavily influenced by Indian and Malaysian cuisine. Traditionally, this curry includes locally grown cashews and is served with rice. Our version expands on ingredient complexity while staying true to traditional massaman. (I started eating before remembering to take the photo:-)

Dessert – Mango Sticky Rice Spring Rolls; black sesame ice cream; sweet Thai mango (right)

A treat of mango season enjoyed throughout Southeast Asia. Our version marries sweet mango, sticky rice and coconut milk into delicate spring rolls-a sensation in every bite.