Cape Horn

What did the Pacific ocean say to the Atlantic ocean??

Nothing.. they simply waved!

With extra time due to cancellations, the Captain was so nice to spend lots of time around the Cape.  We sailed from Ushuaia, Argentina in the Beagle Channel out to the Cape and all around the archipelago before sailing back up the Beagle Channel.  Again sunshine wasn’t on our side, but the seas were surprisingly smooth.   Cape Horn was named for the Dutch city of Hoorn in the Netherlands, home of the discoverers. 

The violent stretch of chaotic water between Antarctica and South America, one frequented by icebergs, huge waves and plagued by gale-force winds, is crossed by sailors with great trepidation. Many still prefer to use the sheltered Strait of Magellan, shown with little red arrows on the map.

Southeastern edge of Cape Horn.
Best photo I could get. Small exploration ship on right. The rocks are volcanic not granite.

We expected rough seas and were surprised at such smooth sailing.  

Last Modified on December 12, 2019
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