Coronavirus reroutes us

We did visit Sydney and Brisbane before the following notice. The next two posts will be more animals from two more animal parks in those cities.

A number of friends have asked how the virus worldwide has affected our trip. So this is the best way to catch up with you all.  Our itinerary has changed drastically due to the Coronavirus situation. All stops in China had already been cancelled, their ports are closed and now Viking thinks it prudent to bypass all areas of concern including Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. They think we may add stops at Galle and Colombo in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, among others.  For the next three weeks we’ll be sailing the Coral Sea and Java Sea (south Pacific N and E of Australia) with added stops at New Caledonia and Townsville, Queensland.  And there is the possibility, as the situation changes, that more cities may be cancelled and/or added.

The rescheduling must be a nightmare, but not as bad as if someone boarded our ship with the virus.  No one wants to be quarantined for two weeks in our room with meals being delivered. Then we would get cabin fever….. Viking has taken good care of our shore excursions and us on the ship and I am confident they will continue to do so during this difficult time which reaches worldwide.