Dunedin and Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

The time it takes to sail 220 yards @ 1 nautical mile per hour  =  Knotfurlong  😉

Approaching Port Chalmers at Dunedin with quite a cloud cover that spans the day and the next into Doubtful Sound making it doubtful as to the quality of pictures!!
Red-billed gulls and NZ fur seals
That’s the best I can do. The boat ride was fun and we did see a couple tiny blue penguins but we couldn’t get close enough for better pictures.
It looks so small but it’s not. They told us this was a 30 lb Royal Albatross from the Royal Albatross Centre which watches the world’s only mainland breeding colony of northern Royal Albatross birds. Otago Peninsula and Taiaroa Head is a unique and very special place. It is a place that every visitor to Dunedin should see. David Attenborough, BBC

With even more clouds, the next day we sailed into the Doubtful Sound, New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park. It is ten times the size of the more famous Milford Sound. Named by Captain Cook because he encountered such a maze of cliffs that he was not sure if he would be able to navigate through it under sail, thus it was christened “Doubtful”.  There was so much rain at the Milford sound these previous couple days that 400 tourists were stranded there for some time.

When the sun shines it must be magnificent. Enough clouds for one post 😉