Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nautical Term ~ of the day ~ Pooped

The poop is the stern section of a ship. To be “pooped” is to be swamped by a high, following sea.

That’s how I feel sometimes, being swamped by compiling/editing the photos and stories of all the cities we are enjoying in addition to the activities on the ship (I hope to post those photos after Rio). But the wonderful experiences, new friends and fantastic crew are very definitely most enjoyable and worthwhile. The Viking Sun goes the “extra mile” with everything they undertake. Their excellent chefs consistently prepare the best meals, both presentation and taste. Their hospitality crew take great care of our every need promptly. The stewards and wait staff are the most friendly and efficient. The audio and lighting theater crew are remarkable with their talent to project such beautiful and surprising back screens and the acoustics are fabulous for the acts. The bands and performers, shows and lectures are all exceptional and all of them (the whole crew) always with a smile and greeting. When the Captain speaks on the daily announcements every noon, he always ends with “be kind and look after each other.”  And our Cruise Director, Vicki Van Tassel, is the funniest, most entertaining host.  She leaves the cruise in LAX and everyone says no one can replace her, she is that good.  This is a tremendous trip and no, we have not tired of it yet. No matter how many adjectives that can be used, they can’t express the overwhelming gratitude we feel to God and to them for this magnificently, exhilarating experience. No wonder Viking has been voted #1 so very often.

Rio has been my romantic city since the 1950’s when I enjoyed “old” black and white comedy romance movies with Carmen Miranda. So the Copacabana Beach, Sugar Loaf Mountain, the Samba and classical guitar music was my tiny view of Rio before visiting there in 2006. The following photos will show how much my idea of the city and all of Brazil has changed.

The tall one, our hotel, the Rio Othon on the Copacabana beach. 2006
Copacabana Beach with Sugar Loaf in center top.
A REAL sand castle with its artist!
Built in 1923, the hotel became the place of meeting for the “Carioca” (Portuguese born in Rio) high society.
Atlantica Ave. and the Copacabana beach looking towards Sugar Loaf (with green light)

The name Sugar loaf was coined in the 16th century by the Portuguese during the heyday of sugarcane trade in Brazil. Blocks of sugar were placed in conical molds made of clay to be transported on ships.  The form of the peak reminded them of the well-known resulting “sugar loaf” shape.

Sugar Loaf Mountain on a sunny day.
Copacabana beach on the far left, Guanabara Bay on the right with “The Christ the Redeemer” on the top right hill overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Oscar Niemayer’s modern art museum in Niteroi.

Christ the Redeemer statue was constructed between 1922 and 1931 and is 98 feet high, excluding its 26 foot pedestal. The arms stretch 92 feet wide. It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone.
A beautiful waterfall in the Tijuca Forest, one of the largest urban forests in the world.
Pedro l and Pedro ll were the only Emperors of Brazil. Pedro ll built this summer Palace in the 1840’s. It is now a cultural and historic museum.

All of the above stops from 2006 were offered on this 2019 tour, except for the Carmen Miranda stop!  So too, was the Igauzu Falls.

An arial view of the Falls and our hotel 2006
Each shot is better than the last.
Sunset over the Falls.