San Diego & LA + Pacific Map

Sailing into San Diego Harbor at 5:24 am. That’s it folks! I spent the whole day shopping, no tours.
Our only tour in LA, the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Most beautifully, creative architecture.
The wood used to cover the walls and the pipes of the huge pipe organ is Fir. We attended a lecture in this room, just fantastic.


Those are wood covered organ pipes and I would love to hear them some day.

The planning of the building took decades with $50 million first being donated by Walt Disney’s widow, with the final cost of the building being $274 million.  Besides the magnificent architectural design by Frank Gehry, the acoustical architecture, by acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota, was integral in making it the dream they envisioned. 

Note the huge bell around 9 o’clock on the outside ring of the orchestra, it’s very large and a lot of us noticed when it was hit, it took 5-10 seconds for us to hear it, and it was in the right place in the song. We all understand the physics but it’s so cool to see, I mean hear. Actually both!

Now the Program: 

Zubin Mehta, conductor

Los Angeles Master Chorale

Mahler          Symphony No. 2 in C minor, “Resurrection”


Bye, Bye USA, we’re off to see the rest of the world! 😉
And here is our next leg of the trip. We left LA Jan 5th and arrive Sydney, Australia, Feb 11.

Many 4-month-friends left the cruise at LA too.  Mega served us happily for four months as did Vicki, our Cruise directer and very funny lady.  Vicki received an engagement ring at the end of one of her shows as her boyfriend came out on stage and knelt down on one knee and……  and we’re all invited to the wedding 😉