Sea Day – Scenic Cruising: Prince Christian Sound

Awe is the condition of a man’s spirit realizing Who God is and what He has done for him personally.


Another Sea Day….We thought there might be too many sea days. But we find we look forward to them for a break. They keep us quite busy here, enjoying ourselves. So…. Everyone needs their vitamin SEA!

Because the stop at Nanortalik, Greenland was canceled, due to rough seas, the Captain took us down the Prince Christian Sound, which was quite calm and most beautiful. This narrow passageway connects the Irminger and Labrador Seas.

The sun may have produced better photos of the stunning scenery, glaciers, mountains, tiny icebergs and the tiny Inuit village called, Aappilattoq, which means “sea anemone” in the local Greenlandic Inuit language.

According to Google, “anemone” is a plant of the buttercup family which typically has brightly coloured flowers and deeply divided leaves. And a “sea anemone” is a sedentary marine coelenterate with a columnar body which bears a ring of stinging tentacles around the mouth. I would like to think the town is named after the flower rather than the latter.