Suva, Fiji

Nautical Term of the Day  –  Over the Barrel

The most common method of punishment on board a ship was flogging. The unfortunate sailor was tied to a grating, a mast or “over the barrel” of a deck cannon.

Reminds me of Mutiny on the Bounty

Suva is the largest city in the South Pacific and capital of the Fijian archipelago of 330 islands. It is the most multi-cultural and multi-racial in the South Pacific, a very welcoming people to all.  The true story of the Mutiny on the Bounty lands here in 1789 and the rudder from the HMS Bounty is found in their museum. After Fijians were converted to Christianity in the 19th century, the practice of cannibalism disappeared. 

We went to experience some local culture and customs and found the people to be warm, friendly, and good rugby players (but as we will find out in New Zealand, not as good as the All Blacks.)

Our Bus being welcomed to the Sawani village Fijian style, by their warriors.