Valparaiso and Santiago, Chile

Nautical Term ~ of the day ~ Rummage Sale

Rummage” comes from the French arrimage, the word for a ship’s cargo. Damaged cargo was sold at a “rummage sale.”

Easter Island is a Chilean territory/state. A number of sailing vessels, including whalers, visited the island from 1792 onward. By 1860 the population was about 3,000. Settlers from Tahiti began to raise sheep in 1870. In 1888 the island was annexed by Chile, which leased nearly all its territory for sheep raising; in 1954 the Chilean navy administration took over the sheep range. In 1965 a civilian governor was appointed by the Chilean government, and the islanders became full Chilean citizens. Within a single generation the Easter Islanders successfully responded to a complete acculturation to continental standards without losing their pride in their own ancestors and their skills and customs. Annually in February old and young of both sexes meet in contests to revive the arts and practices of the island’s past, including carving, tattooing, reed-boat building, and traditional singing and dancing.  We did not visit Easter Island, it is 2000+ miles to the west of Chile in the Pacific.

All part of the museum.
1930’s Casino Vina del Mar
The seaside Hotel part of the Casino Del Mar
The funicular in red building.

On board local entertainment from the capital of Chile, Santiago. We didn’t go to Santiago but there were shore excursions that included it.

Garin Bader, Chopin artist and magician!  Fantastic at both.

Another couple, Barbara and Ron, we enjoyed visiting with. They sailed their 37′ sailboat from their home in Nova Scotia to Trinidad on a 6 month trip against the wind and waves. Being boarded by pirates at 3 am, they were held at knife point, tied up and robbed. Fortunately not hurt. Awaiting your email Barb 🙂
And Kadek of course got in the good-bye photo, as he was leaving us too 🙁 But we hope to see him and his family in Feb.