Wellington, New Zealand

This is NOT Wellington 🙂 These are the sheep we are missing due to inclimate weather. The town of Napier was to give us another fun day at a sheep farm where I would have found out that New Zealand is second only to Mongolia with the most sheep per capita. On the left, years ago it was 10 sheep per person, however today it is 7 sheep per person.
Approaching Wellington

Wellington is located on the southern coast of the North Island, on the Cook Strait.  A bus ride thru the Capital of New Zealand showed some interesting neighborhoods, attractive parks, and ended in the Wellington Botanic Garden.

The old government building built in 1876 is the largest wooden structure in the southern hemisphere. Once the Parliament building, it is now a Wellington law school. The Beehive, called that due to its look, opened in 1977 is now the executive building, one of four govt. buildings.