Dover and Canterbury

Nautical Term of the day — AS THE CROW FLIES — When lost or unsure of their position in coastal waters, ships would release a caged crow. The crow would fly straight toward the nearest land, thus giving the vessel some sort of navigational fix. This is also why the tallest lookout platform on a ship came to be known as the “crow’s nest.”

On the ship, the Viking Sun, we are enjoying getting to meet so many of the friendly crew. Our room steward’s name is Eko, pronounced echo. I asked where he was from and he said “Philly”, I said “Chili?” He said no, “Philly”, I frowned and asked “Philadelphia?” He said no, “Philippines” and we both had a good laugh! We seem to enjoy getting lost on the ship every time we get off an elevator. Do we turn left or right, is the bow that way or this way? But I do know my Port from my Starboard now! Therefore we ought to get bow and aft pretty soon.

Our drive from Heathrow airport to the dock was suppose to take 1 hr 40 min, 2 1/2 hrs later we made it but were too late for the welcome dinner with caviar that I still have never tasted. The drive thru the city of London was worse than the LA freeway, primarily due to the protesters of Brixit all over, but especially where we were going.

Our room being quite small was made even smaller when we arrived and found our two large suitcases at the foot of the bed and we added our 5 other smaller pieces plus my walker making it impossible for two of us to be in there at the same time. Well, it took 4 weeks to gather and pack it all, it’ll take at least 4 days to unpack it all!

I’ll get straight to a few photos and give more comments and stories on another post when there is more time. We have a busy shore excursion schedule this week with little time for blogging. Plus the time change has messed with our sleeping and we really need an afternoon nap which eats up our time. Speaking of eating…. Oh yes, we always have time for that. And what a sea of choices, Sea Bass, Salmon, Halibut, Prawns, Sea Scallops, Sushi-mi and Sushi. We love having some sort of seafood everyday and we’ve only been here 3 days.

Beautiful White Cliffs of Dover on a very windy morning (not bed head).
So much history. The U S has only 250 yrs of history, here it’s more than 2000 yrs.
John with Muesli and Eggs Benedict
Diana with fruit and Indonesian Rambutan,
a lychee-type fruit meaning hairy.

“Time and Tide wait for no man.” Geoffrey Chaucer¬†¬†

Walking Tour of Canterbury, England

St George’s Clock Tower 500 yrs old. The original St George’s church dates back to the 11th century and in 1942, the worse bombing in Canterbury of WW2 destroyed most of the city including the church with only the tower remaining.