On Our Way!

I’m quite new at this blogging, but not new to traveling.  As we embark on this journey of a lifetime, we invite you to enjoy bits of it vicariously through our blog’s recording of our eight months of cruising around the world from London to London (Aug 30, 2019 – May 2, 2020).     It will be the longest-ever continuous cruise to set sail and we are most thankful to be able to partake.  (53 countries, 113 ports over 245 days)  We fly out of PHX Friday, 8/30, arrive in London Saturday, 8/31 and set sail Sunday afternoon 9/1.  Thanks for coming along and enjoying this trip with us.

I’ll use a couple 50 yr old pictures to get going!

Diana in her London Fog trench coat with a British Beefeater, the protector of the Tower of London and it’s crown jewels, but also a docent today.

View of London’s Parliament building and Big Ben from across the Thames.  Yours truly, John and Di 1966.  BTW a Beefeater got its name because, many years ago, they were paid partly in chunks of beef!




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